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8 Reasons Why a Group Session is Better

Workouts are fun when Motivation is free

Workouts are fun, Motivation is free

Gym fitness classes were introduced to address the need for supervised training in a safe space. You have a fitness instructor heading up a group of people in a timed session consisting of a variety of exercises. From the stationary bike to weight training, from step aerobics to kickboxing – exercising in a group has become more than just a trend. This is because several benefits have been identified in this type of working out. Aside from having an instructor there for you throughout the session, a fit class also comes with good music and encouragement from someone other than the voice in your head. But what if you like the voice in your head, you’re probably wondering. Why not go for solo workouts? Why a group?

1. Motivation
People are more likely to dig deep when they have encouragement from an external source. The instructor is there to encourage you every step of the way, but also to enlighten you on the types of exercises you’re doing and how they benefit your body. You don’t just have a goal anymore, you have a clear picture of how you’re going to achieve it, and this in itself is more motivating than working out on our own.2. Accountability
Committing to a class and keeping to that commitment is easier because people feel accountable to the instructor as well as other participants in the class. Some fitness classes require you pay up front for a limited number of classes, and this makes it even more likely that you’ll keep to your commitment.3. Variety
Weight training and boot camp classes are perfect for those looking to build muscle, while kickboxing and step aerobics are geared more to those who want to lose weight. Group fitness classes are available in many different workout styles, so you are likely to find at least one that is suited to your health and fitness goals.4. Structure
A fit class is the ideal way to take the hard work out of working out. It’s held at a set day and time, which takes the pressure off you having to schedule your training. All you have to do is show up. The classes themselves are also structured with time for warming up, working out, and cooling down, eliminating so much of the thinking that goes into a session when you’re doing it alone.5. Personalized Coaching
This is a huge draw card especially for those who are new to working out. Doing exercises in an incorrect way risks injury. This risk disappears in a group fitness class, which is led by a certified instructor who guides you through exercises and equipment. The goal is safety, but also benefitting from your workout. Instructors watch participants closely, correcting their form where needed so that they get the most out of their time.

6. Like-Minded People
Gym fitness classes attract all kinds of people from all walks of life, but once the session starts you suddenly find yourself part of a group that is working toward the same goal. This sense of community serves as a great motivator and support system for those who need help staying on track with their fitness goals.

7. Fun
“No pain, no gain” is a saying that has no place in a fit class. If you’re not enjoying your time exercising, the chances that you’ll stick to it decrease drastically. Workouts in a group setting are fun, interactive and provides a social aspect to getting fit and healthy. The more fun you have, the more likely you’ll be to keep returning.

8. Faster Results
Working out under the close supervision of a certified fitness instructor means that you will be spending your time doing the right type of exercise in the right way, which in turn leads to seeing results much faster than if you were to go on guesswork. A group session of 30 minutes spent warming up, exercising in proper form, can cooling down is more effective than 1 hour doing that same exercise, but incorrectly.

At City Cise our fit classes fall into 3 categories: City Row, City Fit, City Spin, and are all led by pro athletes. We work on a pay-as- you-go system, which means no monthly payments and no contracts to tie you down. Simply book the class you’d like to join, at a day and time that suits your schedule, and we’ll help you on your path to fitness.