functional fitness classes


Looking to boost your fitness levels, firm up your body or lose weight? Then look no further than our City Fit fitness class!

Citycises world class rugby pros have designed functional fitness style workouts that combine High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training.

Our Fitness Classes are expertly constructed to work every inch of your body in order to achieve maximum results, all while ensuring 100% enjoyment and satisfaction.

What Makes our Fitness Classes so Special?

They are dynamic, high-intensity and fun, so you won’t be disappointed with the end result! Since our classes are suited for you and made by professional athletes, you won’t find anything else like this out!

Interval, cardio and weight training are proven to be the most effective combined workout method for burning fat and building lean muscle. The classes are for all abilities and will be catered to your personal fitness level.

We Care About Your Health LONG-TERM & so Should You

You will also have the added bonus of being trained by our heroes. Our Inspiring and motivational coaches will make you enjoy your workouts, so much that you will look forward to your next session.

We believe that exercise needs to be enjoyable since we want you to be healthy for the rest of your lives and if it isn’t enjoyable you won’t be able to keep it up! Our classes are made to be both challenging and fun to make it so that you’ll be happy exercising and keeping fit long-term.

Join our club! Become part of a warm, welcoming and fun community gym serving Wandsworth, Battersea, Clapham and Earlsfield!

City Fit is a workout class designed by pro athletes, which combines high-intensity interval training, circuit training & functional fitness training


functional fitness class

CityFit Fitness Classes

Monday | 06:15 • 08:15 • 13:15 • 18:15

Tuesday | 06:15 • 08:15 • 13:15 • 18:15

Wednesday | 06:15 • 08:15 • 13:15 • 18:15  • 20:15

Thursday | 06:15 • 08:15 • 13:15 • 18:15  • 20:15

Friday | 06:15 • 08:15 • 13:15 • 18:15  • 20:15

Saturday | 07:15  • 10:15 • 12:15 • 16:15

Sunday | 08:15 • 10:15 • 15:15


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Bring yourself and be ready to have a fun filled 45 minutes.

gym bottle


Bottled Water can be purchased from our Health Hut and we also have free water that you can help yourself too.

gym towel


We do recommend you bring a sweat towel, since we’re gonna make you sweat!