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Get to Know John Wilson Thumbnail

Get to Know John Wilson

5 Questions with John Wilson

5 Questions

with John Wilson

John Wilson is one of the Co-Founders & Directors for Citycise Gym.
Get to know John a little better. Read his 5 Question Interview below:


How did you get involved with the Citycise concept?

Natasha Murray (my co-founder) was my personal trainer and diet advisor when I was motor racing in the European GT and Tuscan Challenge Series’ and she had some great ideas for a class based new gym concept which I loved.

I was invited to a Wooden Spoon event in London and got in to a discussion with HRH Princess Ann, Ian Lyndsay and Phil Vickery about the issues that rugby players were having in the transition from being a full-time rugby pro in the limelight to civvy street. That they were suffering the same anxieties and depression as soldiers coming to the end of their term.

The light came on, We could work with  rugby players. We need a rugby based gym where the pros coming out of the game can build their confidence & motivation, teaching and training people with their phenomenal knowledge of sports-fitness whilst building commercial skills.

And so Natasha and I built and launched Citycise.

I have made a great living out of the confidence and contacts that rugby has given me. It got me in to University, I was paid to do my Masters whilst playing for Marseille University and Marseille ASPTT Rugby XV. I took on international jobs and immediately had great new friends all over the world through the “inclusive” world of The Rugby Club. A highlight was playing for the Natal President’s XV with 7 Springboks in 1989 whilst working for Unilever in Durban.

This is my time to give back through Citycise.


What are your goals for Citycise as a gym?

Like rugby, Citycise is an inclusive society, we aren’t elitist, there are programmes for all ages and all levels of fitness, we want it full of people who can enjoy the environment and benefit from the programmes and classes, feeling invigorated, having fun and feeling part of a club!

Wandsworth is our first club and we are working on a pipeline of sites that we will open in the next three years.

We want our team to grow with the business and to become part of the ownership, what’s better than effectively developing your own business.

Charity. We are committed to giving charitable support and finance to local needs which we will administer through Wooden Spoon, the harder you train the more we will give in effect.


Which one of the featured Citycise Classes is your favourite – Spin, Fit/Row?

I was lucky enough to play rugby in the winter and row in the summer when I was at school, I have managed a brief period at international level in both sports, and I continued in both competitively until my 40’s. So Row is my favourite, I’m good at that and oddly it doesn’t hurt as much as the others as my body is so used to it!


Why involve Rugby Professionals?

It’s our USP, we have a rugby atmosphere of inclusivity, professional athletes who are at the cutting edge of training taking classes and giving advice. You get access to the best to benefit from the best. You Train with a Pro. The Pro’s who join us get a new career and the stewardship and training required to develop their general management and commercial skills and those that make the grade get a share in the business.

Also we aren’t limited to rugby players. We are in discussions with Para-Olympians and Olympians who want to join us.


Why join Citycise?

  • Inclusive, social, unique, fun and you get results.
  • Who knows how to train better than a top professional athlete?
  • There are programmes for beginners up to top sports training.
  • It’s well priced.
  • Our equipment, classes and programmes are all at the cutting edge.
  • The equipment is the same as in Wasps, Saracens and Harlequins!
  • We have social functions where you will meet Top Pros and Internationals.
  • Everyone is welcome, we don’t tolerate an elitist attitude, we are a club and we are all in it to benefit together!