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Get to Know Natasha Murray

5 Questions with Natasha Murray

5 Questions

with Natasha Murray

Natasha Murray is one of the Co-Founders & CEO of Citycise Gym.
Natasha’s main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and body image to others through Citycise & to empower men, women & children into being fitter, stronger, confident and body proud.
Get to know Natasha a little better. Read her 5 Question Interview below:


How did you get involved with the Citycise concept?

I have run a multitude of businesses in the fitness industry for over 15 years. I started off as an elite personal trainer and then became a 28 x covergirl model, sports magazine columnist and writer. Soon after I  launched my own modelling agency and academy called NGM model management.  As a sports & modelling agent, fitness is a huge part of my life so it was a natural progression to one day open my own health club.

I developed a unique concept that I  believe is revolutionary and that fills a need in the industry and together with my business partners love for Rugby, Citycise was born.

We wanted to create something that brought together our love of fitness with our love of professional sport. We also wanted to create a sustainable, understanding business that “Fits Together” with employees, communities, charities and environments – supporting, empowering and giving back.


What are your goals for Citycise as a gym?

My goal is to create a worldwide gym chain that delivers positive results from all angles.

A place that brings people together with a rugby club feel, that welcomes everybody of all ages and abilities, whether able bodied or impaired.  I would like Citycise to have real community and social benefits. A place to make friends, hang out and get “fit together”. A place to connect and be part of something. In a world thats often so disconnected this is much needed in my eyes.


Which one of the featured Citycise Classes is your favourite – Spin, Fit/Row?

I love all of the classes we do as they all have individual benefits but as an ex fitness competitor and athlete my favourite would be the City Fit classes. I love functional fitness. Its a great way to tone up and burn those calories. Plus you never know what you’re going to get with one of our sessions. Each one is different.


Why involve Rugby Professionals?

My business partner is an ex rugby player and we wanted to help ex pros get into employment and earn new skills. Also Rugby is a team sport with a great vibe and we like team players. We like to train as a team and we also love the social aspects (and the pub crawls).


Why join Citycise?

  • Its something new and never done before.
  • Its a cool place to hang out, make friends, get fit and meet your sporting heroes.
  • Its a social gym with a club feel.
  • We have fitness, social and community benefits, we give to charity and you can contribute to that.
  • Our training will make you look hot and feel great.
  • You will have fun!