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Gym Classes vs Solo Training

What's Better for you?

Gym Classes vs Solo Training

What’s Better?

There’s no arguing that exercise is good for you, whatever shape or form that exercise takes.
Some people are happy to go it alone – bypassing the fitness classes at the gym, headphones pumping – and disappear into their own little workout bubble, while others prefer to achieve their fitness goals under the guidance of a professional personal trainer. The lone rangers are usually those who take no issue with keeping motivated, and are often equipped with at leastbasic knowledge regarding fitness and nutrition. For others, establishing a healthier lifestyle may not be so easy. This could be for several reasons – perhaps they struggle with motivationor require expert support when it comes to executing various types of exercises. There are benefits to either of these forms of training, and deciding on one that’s best suited to you is a personal choice, one that can be made simpler by weighing the options.

Going Solo

Regular exercise is necessary for a healthy body and mind, where ‘regular’ becomes a key word in whether you are successful at it or not. For people who prefer to work out on their own, establishing a fitness routine comes easy, but more importantly it’s sticking to it that is easy for them as well. They are able to motivate themselves through sessions, as well as the time between that will take them to the next one, and so on. What’s more, going solo puts them in the driver’s seat with full control of the kinds of exercise and how much of it they do. Rowing class happens at set times on set days, but they don’t have to schedule their lives around them, rowing whenever they want. They set their own goals and develop their own pace to achieving them. There’s no rush to the fitness finish for these guys and girls. And when it comes to diet, they decide how best to approach a healthier nutrition plan that supports their exercise program. Freedom, flexibility, and control are important factors in the lone ranger’s take on fitness, where being accountable to and encouraging themselves comes naturally. Another plus to taking the journey on your own is the savings you can accrue. Personal trainers come at a cost, and expert knowledge and skills are often rather highly valued in the fitness arena. By taking charge of your own fit lifestyle, you end up saving yourself quite a bit.

Training with a Pro

Personal training is a lucrative industry for a reason. There are plenty of people who want to get fit, but don’t have the first clue about how to do it. A pro fitness trainer comes complete with expert knowledge regarding nutrition, the human body, and what it needs to do to get and stay fit. They also often come packed with enough motivation to carry you through those days when yours has shut the door and hung the ‘Gone fishing’ sign. It’s this convenience that attracts many people to working out with a trainer. They communicate their needs, and the trainer runs with it – establishing achievable goals, developing a workout routine that will best reach those goals in the shortest amount of time, and even setting up a healthy eating plan to support it. It’s your one-stop fitness lifestyle package without any of the hassle and pressure. It saves countless hours spent on exercise sessions that turn out to be the wrong kind to get where you want to be. It saves possible strain and injury on your body that could come from not executing certain exercises in the correct way. Making use of a personal trainer keeps you motivated and accountable. It keeps you showing up. Personal training also as the highest results rate in the shortest amount of time. So if you’re training for a specific event, or need to fit into that wedding dress, this is the way to go.>br>

When Results Outweigh the Cost

Although training on your own certainly has its benefits, so much can be said for doing so under the guidance of a professional trainer that makes those benefits pale in comparison. A good personal trainer will make you feel like you have your own dedicated cheerleader in your corner at all times, encouraging you to keep pushing yourself so you can consistently and constantly improve. There’s no plateauing here. For every goal and achievement that gets ticked off your list, new ones are set. This not only helps to drive your motivation, but it ensures you continue to better yourself. The support you receive is invaluable as well. Having someone who can support you, and guide you in a way that prioritizes your individual goals will make adopting a healthy, fit lifestyle (and sticking to it) an absolute breeze. Fitness classes led by a pro trainer rank high in results achieved, but also in overall motivation and fun. This is because although you’re working out in a group, you still receive that individual attention that focuses on your unique set of goals and needs. It’s going to cost you a little more than what going solo does, but what you get out of it will exceed expectations. Whether working one-on- one or as part of a gym class, making use of a professional trainer will open up the way to better results in much less time.