Keeping Fit

Cycling vs Running

Any kind of physical activity is good for you.
Whether you’re hitting the gym a few times a week, or simply opting to take the stairs over the elevator. The health benefits of exercise run far and deep, surpassing the obvious effects of weight-loss and improved strength. Exercise is essential for good mental health too. That spin class you take not only burns calories, but reduces stress by releasing feel-good chemicals in the brain, leaving you feeling more energized and motivated to take on the throes and arrows of everyday life. And it doesn’t have to be a chore either. Keeping fit is evolving into more of a social activity, upping the Fun factor to take the slog out of exercise. Fitness classes, running groups, cycling clubs… these are just a few ways in which more and more people are putting a social spin on their personal training.


It isn’t called a ‘Runner’s high’ for nothing. Slipping into your track shoes and hitting the streets is a sure-fire way to get those feel-good juices flowing. And if the outdoors isn’t really your thing, the same benefits can be achieved on a treadmill. Studies have shown that in just 30 minutes of physical activity, five times a week, you can greatly reduce the levels of stress you experience by reprogramming the chemicals in your brain. Less stress, elevated mood, happier you. What’s great about the effects running has on your body, is the way it changes your life even when you’re not doing it. For instance, your runner’s high might peak during a run, but feeling good lasts even after you’ve changed your shoes. This is what makes running a great exercise for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Other benefits to mental health include improved concentrationconfidence, and increased mental acuity. And not that you need more reason to get out there, but the physical advantages to a regular run are just as good. The body undergoes amazing changes when running. Your arteries work better than ever, pumping blood like a machine, lowering your blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease. You also decrease the chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes, certain cancers, and obesity. But weight control is an obvious one. We all know how well running maintains weight-loss by burning major calories. What many people might now know, however, is that the body continues to burn calories even after a run. That’s right – your body will be peeling off the pounds even when you’re not looking!


With so much to be said for Camp Run, a definite shift is happening on the streets with a growing number of people choosing to pedal their way to a healthier life instead. And who can blame them? Bikes don’t only get you places, they make you feel good too. This low-impact sport is so easy on the body, anyone can do it – young, old, skinny, not-so- skinny… By spending two hours of your week cycling, you work all your major muscle groups while improving your overall stamina and strength as well. Choose to take it easy and coast your way to a healthy heart and mind, or push yourself with high-intensity sessions – the control is all yours. Like running, cycling can be done in the great outdoors, on hills and flats, mountains and roads, or you can opt for the health benefits without nature and hit a few spin classes a week at your local gym. Fun in a whole other way, with the social aspect of group workouts serves as a great source of motivation and support from like-minded individuals. Another thing we absolutely love about cycling, is that you don’t have to build a schedule around working out. Cycling is not only exercise, it’s a mode of transport. So getting yourself to and from work suddenly changes from time spent not moving in a bus, train, or car, to time spent exercising. You’re burning calories, keeping your heart healthy, strengthening your muscles and bones, AND being kind to the environment. But wait, there’s more… Whereas running tends to put a lot of strain on your body, cycling doesn’t. This means you can keep going for longer, building your stamina with less risk of damage and injury. It’s no wonder cycling is fast becoming the preferred lifestyle choice for many. It’s an exercise adventure that takes you places running can’t, allowing you freedom to absorb the moments of exhilaration along the way.