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“Most people have no idea
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Hello, I’m Lauren, Qualified Osteopath (MOst) and Personal Trainer..

I received my Master’s Degree from the London School of Osteopathy after completing a 5 year programme. Prior to completing my Osteopathy degree I have been a practising Personal Trainer for 14 years Through these twin complementary disciplines I have built specialist expertise in both injury and orthopaedic surgery rehab at all stages of recovery and training.


I’ve always been keen on sports, competing in athletics (100m and hurdles) from an early age. I was a member of Bournemouth athletics club and competed for both my county, SW-England and at the National Championships. In addition I’ve been a horse rider from an early age competing on the weekends, at county show-jumping and eventing. I’ve recently transitioned my riding into to playing polo. So it’s not surprising that I pursued a career around health and fitness. Firstly, doing a BTEC National Diploma in Sports Science, followed by completion of a Personal Training course at Premier Training International, 14 years ago. After seeing first hand this brilliant treatment approach and the health benefits associated with osteopathy, I decided to train as one myself to help others and also improve my ability to train people in the correct way.

I love that I hear more stories every day of how a great Osteopath has helped someone get back to sports like I did, or simply get out of pain. The techniques can be adapted to help, babies, children, pregnant women, elderly and there’s even animal osteopathy! I have found amazing job satisfaction in helping people feel better and get back to doing the things they enjoy, whether the goal is walking the dog or competing in high level sport. As a profession Osteopaths are great at sharing information on difficult cases and innovative new treatment and we are required to do CPD to keep up to date with current medical advances and manual therapy.


My competitive athletics ended abruptly, when I tore my hamstring (and adductor) during training and despite trying to ‘push through it’ I practically fell out of my starting blocks at the next race! I went to various sports therapists at the time, but nothing seemed to help. 1 year later and having sat out the entire season, I saw an Osteopath. His knowledge was astonishing, I really felt like he was the first person who understood what had happened. It transpired that whilst I’d pulled muscles, my pelvis had a torsion due to all the imbalances that had occurred, it was also causing a scoliosis (a lateral curvature) in my mid back, causing compensations right up to my neck! I left his clinic for the first time feeling I was standing straighter and experiencing less pain in my hamstrings. After treatment he had given me a greater understanding of my posture and the affect one injury can have on other areas! I strive to be able to help all my patients the same way and get them back to feeling great and doing the things they love.


Visiting an Osteopath, you can expect a case history and mechanical assessment, a working diagnosis and treatment (usually on the first visit, unless you have a particularly complex case) for more information about the treatments I can offer please see


Due to my background in sports and personal training, I mainly work with sports and training injuries, however I also have experience in dealing with post surgery rehab and joint reconstruction. You do not need a sports injury to book in however, if you have any aches and pains osteopathy can help.