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One of the most effective full-body workouts.

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What Is CityRow?

Our CityRow rowing classes offer a workout that is so effective, it will leave you feeling exhilarated, exhausted and enthused for your next session.

It’s so much more than just rowing, it includes a partner based activity as well; working towards common goals, supporting and motivating each other throughout a triple threat workout; high-intensity, low-impact and a total body sweat burner.

Who’s It For?

CityCise rowing classes are for everyone, beginner, intermediate or a fully fledged rowing-machine.

Learn how to pace yourself, build your engine and unlock the speed within you; use these three aspects to fully engulf yourself into the session.

Benefits Of CityRow Rowing Classes

Rowing is one of the most effective full-body workouts.

It is a highly intensive exercise that is great for toning muscle, burning calories and building endurance.

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CityRow Classes

Monday| 07:15 • 20:15

Tuesday|  20:15

Wednesday| 07:15

Thursday| 19:15

Friday| 07:15

Saturday | 08:15

Sunday | 12:15

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Why Choose Us?

Designed By Professional Athletes

Made For You!

Our CityRow classes are all ability classes, suitable for all fitness levels. You also have the added bonus of being trained by our heroes and CityCise instructors. Inspiring coaching from professional athletes to help you get through your workouts and meet your fitness and body goals.

Citycise is not a gym, we are a community of people working together to get you in the best shape of your life.

Join our club! Become part of a warm, welcoming and fun, community gym serving Wandsworth, Battersea, Clapham and Earlsfield!

What Do I Need?


Be Prepared

Bring yourself and be ready to have a fun filled 45 minutes.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

Bottled Water can be purchased from our Health Hut and we also have free water that you can help yourself to.


Even Professionals Sweat

We do recommend you bring a gym towel since we’re gonna make you sweat!

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