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Redefining human performance and aesthetics

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Whether your goals are fat loss, body transformations, muscle building, sports specific conditioning, general improved fitness, rehabilitation from injury or illness, post/prenatal or if you need some motivation and guidance, we have the tools and expertise to help you succeed in a relaxed and private environment.

Our personal training is for all levels, from housewives to athletes. Our personal trainers all have different areas of expertise and speciality to ensure you receive the best training for YOU.

We are committed to helping more people live more authentic, fit, body confident and happy lives.


We believe that any one can positively change themselves and their bodies and increase their fitness levels dramatically.

We will move heaven and earth to ensure that each and every person who enters our premises leaves feeling fitter, happier, more confident and healthier.

The team prides itself on our commitment to every member to identify goals, motivate, support and help you progress.

Our trainers will provide you with a personal plan which will help you achieve measurable and lasting results.


We find that each journey to a happy, capable and confident body is unique so can often involves a mix of disciplines to get there, such as strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, core stability training, bodybuilding, Pilates, Yoga, postural re-alignment, martial arts, plyometrics, rehab, prehab, speed and agility, boxing and so much more.

We wanted to create the most effective method of personal training utilising all of our skills.  With the goal of creating a strong, balanced body, our personal training systems achieve rapid and significant results


Every session is designed to motivate and push you to achieve the best possible results whilst still being fun.

Our supportive personal trainers will put together a fitness programme tailored around your level, ability and fitness goals.

We provide personal training at the Royal County Of Berkshire Fitness Club. We also have beautiful grounds for outdoor training when weather permits.


We have  strength and conditioning coaches who specialise in sports specific athletic development. From equestrian to rugby, we can help you achieve your sporting goals.


Single Session – Founding Members Rate
£75.00 – One to One PT session (normally £90.00)

Monthly package option – Founding Members Rate
Note: this is based on a minimum of 3 months. Payment to be made in advanced.
The monthly packages are especially good for those who require support, motivation and
consistency with their fitness and mindset, and ensure that are long lasting.

1x PT session per week: £300 per month (normally £365 pm)
2x PT session per week: £560 pm (normally £690 pm)
3x PT session per week: £780 pm (normally £975 pm)
4x PT session per week: £950 pm (normally £1200 pm)


Our London clients enjoy access to our in-house expert team and our network of private doctors, masseurs, lifestyle coaches, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, osteopaths, dermatologists, performance nutritionists, dieticians and therapists.

We can arrange a food preparation service to assist your diet/ nutrition needs on request.

Through our experience, we know how precise changes in the way you train, eat and sleep can have profound benefits to your life and career.

We will work with you and your schedule using our expertise to build your perfect programme.

We will also help you with maintaining a positive routine with regards to stress management, sleep, nutrition and general wellness.


We don’t just change bodies, we change lives.

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