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Berkshires best personal trainers & body transformation experts.

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“I’ve really noticed a rapid transformation in my body… The results are addictive. I never thought I’d like exercising but I am loving it.”

Responsible fun training that gets results – with Berkshire best Personal trainers. 

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Welcome to RCB Personal training & Body transformations.

​ Founder of the RCB  Natasha Murray has over 15  years experience in the industry. Based at the Royal Countyof Berkshire Polo Club in a stunning converted stable overlooking beautiful countryside, Natasha and her team provide dynamic and enjoyable training to clients from all walks of life. No membership or joining fees, just  pay as you go bespoke personal training.
Whether your goals are fat loss, body transformations, muscle building, sports specific conditioning, general improved fitness, rehabilitation from injury or illness, post/prenatal or if you need some motivation and guidance, we have the tools and expertise to help you succeed in a relaxed and private un-intimidating environment.

Our personal training is for all levels of fitness from newbies to athletes. We love to work with those who are starting their fitness journey and don’t feel confident in a traditional gym environment. Our personal trainers all have different areas of expertise and speciality to ensure you receive the best training for YOU.

We know  how hard it can be to juggle life and keeping fit but believes that we can make that journey easier at the RCB fitness club with
Highly motivating trainers✔️
Private sessions✔️
Efficient training sessions ✔️
Fast long lasting results✔️
Convenient location✔️
On site Parking ✔️
Support and guidance✔️
Access to a great social and fitness community ✔️


  • We believe that any one can positively change themselves and their bodies and increase their fitness levels dramatically.
  • We will move heaven and earth to ensure that each and every person who enters our fitness studio leaves feeling fitter, happier, more confident and healthier.
  • We pride ourselves on  our commitment to every client  to identify goals, motivate, support and help you progress.
  • We will help you achieve measurable and lasting results.


We find that each journey to a happy, capable and confident body is unique so can often involves a mix of disciplines to get there, such as strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, core stability training, bodybuilding, Pilates, Yoga, postural re-alignment, martial arts, plyometrics, rehab, prehab, speed and agility, boxing and so much more.

We wanted to create the most effective method of personal training utilising all of our skills.  With the goal of creating a strong, balanced body, our personal training systems achieve rapid and significant results.

Every session is designed to motivate and push you to achieve the best possible results. We will tailor our training around you to make it enjoyable and challenging without being daunting. Our supportive personal trainers will put together a fitness programme tailored around your level, ability and fitness goals.


We have strength and conditioning coaches who specialise in sports specific athletic development. From equestrian to rugby, we can help you achieve your sporting goals.

We want to make this as easy as possible for you. So you can pick where we train. Train with us at our luxury private fitness studio at The Royal County of Berkshire Polo club or at location of your choice.

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Are you still unsure about whether you need a personal trainer? Scroll down to the bottom of the page and watch the video from our trainer Bryce.


BRYCE – Bryce started his journey as a Personal Trainer in a local gym in his hometown of Armagh, Northern Ireland, before attaining a BSc (Hons) Sports Science with Management degree at Loughborough University. Upon completion of his degree, he went on to complete a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, specialising in Physical Education at Loughborough University. It was here, where he developed his love for teaching and working with individuals to improve themselves through sport. He has continued to increase his knowledge; continually reading, researching and developing new ideas, and obtaining further qualifications via the Advanced Coaching Academy, British Weightlifting and as a Nutritional Consultant through The Applied Nutrition and Supplementation Certification. Bryce has experience working with a wide variety of populations through many different fitness domains. His growing reputation for producing excellent results, has led to him becoming one of the most sought after Personal Trainers and body transformation experts in Berkshire. He offers his clients the tools and motivation to take control and achieve the results they truly desire.

NATASHA– Natasha has worked in the fitness industry for 20 years and started off as a cover model/fitness model working with magazines such as Oxygen, Sports Illustrated ,Muscle and Fitness and BestFit. Working in the sports and modelling industry means she knows what it takes to get your body in good shape.
As a personal trainer, body transformation expert and strength and conditioning coach,  Natasha has worked with many clients from celebrities and executives to busy mums.
A busy working mum herself, 
Natasha believes that fitness can make everyone feel and look great and it’s a routine that’s only going to leave you more energised and happy. 


Please note we are offering 20% off PT packages until september.

Single Sessions
One to One PT session

Monthly package option 
We prefer to work on 3 month packages. It works for those who require support, motivation and consistency with their fitness and mindset.

1x PT session per week
2x PT session per week
3x PT session per week
4x PT session per week



Our body transformation packages are the perfect option if you are looking for an intense life changing fitness and nutrition programme in a short time.

We offer an intensive 6 or 12 week packages, which consist of:

–    3 or 4 x  60min PT sessions session a week

–  Initial Assessment and photos including full body movement screening, length tension  test and structural balance.

–  Bodyfat Measurement (optional) – This a non-invasive method which involves assessing body composition by taking skin fold measurements from 14 sites of the body using calibrated precision skin fold callipers.

-Training program every 4-6 weeks, which will also include resolving structural imbalances.

-Lifestyle and mindset management advice.

– 24/7 support and lots of motivation.

-Personalised Nutritional plans.

-Meal Prep Service available at an additional cost – hassle free healthy food prepared chefs to fit your nutritional plan.

6 week Body Transformation packages 

3x PT session per week (18 sessions) :

4x PT session per week (24 sessions) :

12 week Body Transformation packages

3x PT session per week (36 sessions) :

4x PT session per week (48 sessions) :

Please enquire for rates


Our  clients enjoy access to our in-house expert team and our network of private doctors, masseurs, lifestyle coaches, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, osteopaths, dermatologists, performance nutritionists, dieticians and therapists.

We can arrange a food preparation service to assist your diet/ nutrition needs on request.

Note: 24 hour cancellation policy or you will be charged in full.

We don’t just change bodies, we change lives.

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