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Aesthetic body design at its finest

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Sculpting your way to a fitter you

We are redefining aesthetics!

This  class is  focussed on building a better you. We work on all parts of the body and perfecting your aesthetic form.

We don’t build summer bodies. We build bodies for life creating a happier, more confident you.

This is a class involving bodyweight and weight training methods for toning muscle, burning calories and building endurance.

Who’s It For?

These classes are for everyone. We work with you as individuals to assess your needs.

Benefits of our Sculpt classes

Benefits of these classes include:

  • Burns calories
  • Improved posture
  • Improved muscle tone & definition
  • Builds lean muscle in the right places
  • Increased strength
  • Sculpts the body to aesthetic perfection
  • Loss of inches/ weight

Class Times

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Why Choose Us?

Designed By Pros!

Made For You!

Our sculpt classes are designed by leading pro athletes and an international fitness and swimwear model.

What Do I Need?


Be Prepared

Bring yourself and be ready to have a fun filled 45 minutes.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

Bottled Water can be purchased or bring your own


Even Professionals Sweat

We provide gym towels or bring your own

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