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The City Cise Gym Revolution

Achieve your fitness goals

The City Cise Gym Revolution

Achieve your fitness goals in an environment designed to inspire.

When City Cise opens its doors on March 25, it will be as a trail blazer in the fitness arena. Thinking outside the box led to the breaking down of walls, where we are able to offer revolutionary exercise programs to a global fitness community. Whether you are just starting out or a veteran gym junkie, our four training options – City RowCity FitCity Spin, and Train- with-a- Pro are suited to all people of all fitness levels. Results guaranteed. Our unique pay-as- you-go membership option means you won’t have to deal with the pressure of lengthy contracts. The only commitment needed is to work out whenever you want, as often as you want, all under the inspirational guidance of pro athletes.

Train with a Pro

Our personal training option brings together sport and exercise in a way that is effective, inspiring, and puts a whole new spin on getting fit. Each workout is specifically tailored to your unique fitness needs and goals, supervised by a professional athlete bringing their own brand of knowledge and expertise to the table. These sessions are more than just a fit class. This is what will kick your training into the highest gear, delivering positive results while introducing you to exciting new ways of working out.

When you train with a professional sportsperson, you immediately have access to workouts that are much more in-depth and personalized – taking your specific goals into account. Each class lasts 45 minutes, and no class is ever the same. Working out with a pro involves high intensity training combined with exercises that serve your personal fitness goals. These classes are open to everyone, so even if you are new to the world of gym and exercise, don’t let that hold you back. With years of knowledge and expertise in the field, who better to guide you on your journey to ultimate fitness than our resident professionals?

Gym Classes

Working out with City Cise Gym means you’re joining a community of like-minded individuals, all different in their own right, but brought together by their love of sport and fitness. Take your pick from our City RowCity Spin, or City Fit classes. Or go all-in and alternate between the three to really up your game. Same as with our personal training option, these classes last for 45 minutes, and are suited to everyone no matter their level of fitness. Geared to condition your body while building muscle and melting away fat, these action-packed classes can burn up to 1000 calories at a time.

City Row is more than just a row class. This is where you’ll work up a sweat in a total-body workout that combines high-intensity with low-impact. If you’re just beginning, you will have guidance in the skill of pacing yourself and tapping into your stored potential so that you get the best burn for your buck. Achieve the ultimate lean muscle tone in City Spin, a low-impact and super-effective fit class. Like our other classes, these are also suitable for all fitness levels, but if you are a serious cyclist looking for a more challenging spin class, you can try our RIDE Pro classes. City Fit is the Mecca of total-body workouts – combining high-intensity interval training (HIIT), functional training, and circuit training to ensure every muscle group is included. Coaching from our City Cise instructors and pro athletes will ensure you stay inspired and focused on your goals, while also serving as a motivation and support to the rest of your group.

How does it Work?

Taking advantage of this revolutionary approach to exercise is really as simple as making use of our online booking feature. When visiting our website, be sure to create a profile first. This is needed when making your booking. Once you’ve completed this step you can navigate to any one of our classes on offer and click through to the booking form. Here you are able to select whichever date suits you best, and that’s it – your fit class is booked. Because we work on a pay- as-you-gym system, you don’t have to worry about being locked into lengthy contracts that can often end up being more of a burden than a joy. However, we do have an annual membership available, which gives you access to unlimited classes at a reduced rate, along with many other benefits.