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Top 10 Fitness Tips For New Year Thumbnail

Top 10 Fitness Tips For New Year

with Natasha Murray


I don’t know about you, but bouncing back to reality after the holidays isn’t easy. After eating all those yummy desserts and Christmas carbs it takes some serious motivation to get back on track towards living a healthy lifestyle.


Finding the motivation to do so is one thing. Everybody knows the value of eating better, of exercising, of getting a better night’s sleep. Sustaining that motivation, though, is a whole other story.


My top 10  tips for sticking to my healthy New Years plans. 

1 – Write a food diary or use a calorie logging ap

2- take before and after pics 

3- follow a training plan & log your workouts 

4- drink more water 

5- buy new gym gear & headphones

6- create a new gym music playlist 

7- train with friends 

8- always have your gym bag ready 

9- food prep

10- join a gym ( like Citycise ) that does a variety of classes too. They really push you 🤘🏼 plus you make new friends.



Good luck with your new year fitness goals.


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