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Train with a Pro

Getting Results from Personal Training

Train with a Pro

Getting Results from Personal Training

If you’re the type who requires extra discipline and encouragement in working out, then personal training is the way to go. The benefits of a private trainer enriches your fitness program in many ways. They can help you set fitness goals, work out a plan for you to achieve those goals, and then serve as motivation to make sure you get there. The wealth of knowledge and expertise a trainer brings to the table also gives you an advantage. They can help you find the right types of exercises so you reach your goals faster, and they will also guide you in executing them in the correct way to avoid injury.

How soon your personal training sessions begin to pay off depends on your goals and your current fitness level. It is your trainer’s job to devise a program based on what your needs and expectations are – individual attention that’s tailored to you. In short, they find the best way for you to achieve your fitness goals faster. Exactly how fast this happens depends entirely on what your specific goals are and how hard you work to achieve them. Most people experience loss of fat and an increase in muscle mass after the first month, but everyone agrees that raised energy levels, motivation, and enthusiasm occur right from the start. If you’re looking to build muscle mass and strength, your personal trainer classes will involve a consistent progression of sets and reps in weight and intensity workouts. Those who are new to weight training will see results faster than those who are not, simply because the body responds quicker to new stimuli. This means that your muscles will show marked definition within your first month. For those who have done some weight training before, results begin to show between 4-6 weeks. Building muscle mass and strength also depends on your diet, and your trainer might suggest a revised nutrition plan for you to follow that will speed up your transformation. If you’re looking for help from a personal trainer to lose fat, the plan changes a bit. Your focus will be on burning calories in your fitness classes. Things like diet and muscle mass also play a role, and together form part of the three-part plan your trainer is likely to devise. Cardio sessions will be combined with strength training to improve your metabolism and burn unwanted fat. A controlled diet is the final part that will help lose the weight. Again, newcomers to exercise will see fat melt away much faster, picking up changes in their body as they lose fat quickly in the first 2-3 weeks. As their fitness level increases, the rate of fat loss will slow down and reach a maintenance plateau.

Results are based on your execution of exercises as well as your discipline when it comes to consistency, and this is where working with a personal trainer becomes invaluable. Whatever your goals and current fitness level, you’ll receive one-on-one attention to make sure you get there. They are the motivation on days when yours is slipping as well as your personal access to an extensive knowledge base that ensures you’re always learning the best ways in which to achieve your fitness goals. At CityCise we offer individualized personal training sessions with the added benefit of having your trainer be a well-known sports people. The wealth of knowledge on offer from our athletes and rugby stars is sure to give your fitness program an edge that you’d be hard-pressed to find at any other personal training classes in London. From basic personal training to some of the most advanced workouts for the more experienced of you. We’ll start you off with a consult to determine exactly what your needs and expectations are, and from there, our pro athlete will then go on to establish a unique and personalized workout program that will bring you fast results with reduced risk of injury. Our personal fitness classes are designed in such a way that you will benefit whether you are at a beginner level or a seasoned gym fundi. Taking your body and mindset into account, sessions are on a personal one-on-one basis, giving you the feeling that you have your own personal cheerleader who also has in-depth knowledge and expertise of how best to reach your goals. This is how you take charge of your health and fitness – with a foolproof way of being accountable to consistent and tailored exercises that will change your life for the better. All in the presence of some of the biggest sports names in the world.

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