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What muscles are you working in a spin class?

City Spin

What Muscles are you working in Spin Class?

Spinning is easily the most fun answer to defining your perfect body in regular sessions of only 40 minutes. It sounds too simple, like there should be a catch, but there really isn’t. Spin classes have become a kind of fitness culture for a reason – it’s an all-in-one full body workout plus major fat burner. And anyone can do it. Young or old, newbie or seasoned gym pro. In just one gym class you will burn up to 500 calories. But before you ask “Are there any spin classes near me?” give us a chance to win you over some more. Being a low-impact workout, spinning has a very low risk of injury. This means that even those with arthritis or chronic pain will be able to do it – and enjoy it. Have total control over your power and pace as you lose fat and firm up with this full body workout.

The science behind building muscle and burning fat works at its best when you’re exercising the body’s large muscle groups. This is one example where bigger is definitely better – bigger muscle equals bigger effect. During a good workout you essentially break down your muscles, and then afterwards your body takes to building them up better and stronger than before. This is why more calories are burned after particularly strenuous exercise. So with a spinning class, your body will continue to burn fat long after you’ve slipped out of that saddle. And it’s all because while you were in it, you worked your body’s major muscles. Quadriceps (front of your thighs) are the main muscles used in spinning. They are engaged every single time you push down on the pedals. Your hamstrings (back of your thighs) play a supportive role to your quads by helping to lift the pedals back up. Calf muscles are used for most of the pedal action – pushing down and pulling up. They also help to stabilize your ankles and feet. Glutes(buttocks) are specifically targeted every time you rise from the seat, and get a good workout when the resistance and incline is increased. Your core, back, and upper body offer much needed support during spinning, stabilizing your torso as you bend forward on the bike. This constant support provides maximum strengthening and toning. Finally the heart – the most important muscle without a doubt – is strengthened through regular aerobic exercise, leading to good heart health overall.

The ultimate spin session is one that gets your heart rate up fast and keeps you going with motivation from peers and your instructor. Music provides the soundtrack to your fit program, because it’s just so good at helping you keep up the pace and enthusiasm. When looking to join a spinning class, these are usually first and foremost on your list. Because yes, you want a good workout, but you also want to have fun. We’ve got your back. At CityCise, our spin class isnext-level power that promises a solid workout in a fun, amped environment. Show up ten minutes early so you can be a part of the group warm-up, and you’ll also be able to visit our Health Hut Café for a pre-workout coffee. Feel free to place an order for your post-workout smoothie here as well. It’s a great refresher after a power packed spinning session. Then get ready for the ride of your life. With awesome tunes and world-class Keiser M3 bikes our high- energy instructors will take you through the most fun gym class you’ve had. After class you can relax with your smoothie, or even get a healthy meal of snack as well. Fully stocked showers in our change-room facilities will ensure you feel fresh and ready for the day ahead.

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