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At Citycise, we value our community very highly. We contribute to local society on different levels, the charitable element will be linked to the Wooden Spoon children’s charity of rugby. Working closely with the international rugby community, our core values are full of passion, integrity, teamwork and fun.

citycise funds the battersea community

Direct funding

The Wandsworth Citycise’s target charity contribution on predicted revenues will be in excess of £25,000 per annum, this will be managed through the Wooden Spoon locally in the Wandsworth area. Our first purchase for the charity on day one will be two wheel chairs (£2,900 each) to enable two young people to play wheelchair rugby.

england rugby uk and ireland charity projects


The Wooden Spoon changes the lives of children and young people living with disabilities and facing disadvantage across the UK & Ireland. They will focus on local Wandsworth projects and activities which are not picked up by other charities and are not just rugby focussed. These include respite and medical treatment centers, sensory rooms, specialist playgrounds, sports activity areas and community based programmes.

With the Wooden Spoon, we will focus and fund local projects that don’t have national funding, without this type of focus there would be nothing available to improve the lives of these young people.

supporting retired athletes battersea

Citycise managers and staff.

Re-employment of professional sports persons, in particular rugby players who have reached the end of their careers through age or injury. We train and develop them to provide a fulfilling career, those that make the grade will end up with shares in Citycise. Furthermore each “Pro” will work as an ambassador for the Wooden Spoon for 20% of their time to give back to society and to keep their profiles high as this is a big part of their personal make-up.

gym for diabilities with disability access


Citycise is for everyone, our locations are suitable for the disabled and there are facilities and equipment for people with different challenges to feel included, it is not just a gym it is a club and a way of life that gives back.

Both owners of Citycise, Natasha Murray and John Wilson, have benefited from developing their careers through sport and this is their vehicle to give back to society on so many levels.

Below is a more detailed explanation of our collaboration with the Wooden Spoon.

earlsfield gym educating local schools on health and fitness

Education projects

We actively engage socially disadvantaged children and young people not in education, employment or training. Our vision at Wooden Spoon is that every child and young person, no matter what their background has access to the same opportunities – through the power of rugby. This year we have launched a life-changing campaign and we want YOU to get involved, to help young people with disabilities have more opportunities to play wheelchair rugby.


We are inspired by our rugby roots.
Passion, integrity, teamwork and fun drives everything we do.


Wooden Spoon is the children’s charity of rugby. From sensory rooms, specialist playgrounds and sports activity areas to respite, medical and community care, we fund around 70 projects each year that support disadvantaged and disabled children. Since our founding in 1983, we’ve distributed in excess of £24 million, helping over 1 million young people.

Since 1983, we have committed in excess of £24 million to 650 projects, and our enduring drive to support disabled and disadvantaged young people has benefited more than one million lives.

Health and wellbeing

We believe no child should miss out on the health and wellbeing benefits of sport.

Sensory rooms and gardens

We want to enthral, engage and excite young minds by stimulating children’s senses.

Specialist equipment and facilities

We provide firm foundations for brighter futures by backing building works and tackling transport and activity aids.

Playgrounds and outdoor activities

We value the power of play in learning new skills.

To raise enough money to buy a rugby wheelchair for every wheelchair rugby club in the UK and Ireland.
More rugby wheelchairs mean more young people can get involved in this amazing sport over the next five years and together we can help support tomorrow’s superstars.

Please help us change lives.
Partnering up with Wooden Spoon offers a unique opportunity to engage your customers and staff, helping us support disadvantaged and disabled children and young people through the power of rugby.

wheelchair rugby

Partnering up with Wooden Spoon offers a unique opportunity to engage your customers and staff, helping us support disadvantaged and disabled children and young people through the power of rugby.

Our partnership with CITYCISE

We instil our core values of Passion, Integrity, Teamwork and Fun in helping you achieve your business objectives whilst transforming lives across the UK and Ireland.

  • Affiliation with our trusted brand
  • Access to our wide support network of rugby ambassadors and celebrity supporters
  • Making an impact on your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy objectives
  • One to one support from an experienced Account Manager
  • Opportunities to engage and motivate your staff
  • Getting everyone involved, having fun whilst fundraising!

Get involved and help change lives through the power of rugby

Through the power of rugby every child and young person, no matter what their background has access to the same opportunities. We have a wide range of ways you can support us achieve this goal which include:

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